In 2017, an interest in the contrasting collective and intimate spaces of dance, provoked by ongoing work with dancers with Parkinson’s, led dance artist Danielle Teale to develop the practice as research project, Explorations in Collectivity & Intimacy.

The project began as a process led exploration that considers the tools we use to develop dance with people with Parkinson’s and how we can value the shared energy of the collective, equally with the individual contributions of intimate movement exploration. The relationships between sound and body, rhythm and space, and the role of shared movement in relation to personal, physical, and perceptual experience have all been considered.

Connecting through a shared interest in these themes with visual artist Sara Hibbert, the first phase of this exploratory process has been captured in an installation film that enables news perspectives on movement through the lens of the camera. This process will continue to evolve, with new perspectives on movement being contributed by additional artists, and provocations offered by collaborators from a number of disciplines.

This blog serves as a space for collaborative research, and as the work progresses and expands, all collaborators will have the space to share thoughts, processes, and developments.

The work-in-progress ‘Collective Field’ (2017), has so far been made in collaboration with dancers from Musical Moving, dance for people with Parkinson’s (Wimbledon), and Dancing with Parkinson’s St. Josephs Hospice (Hackney), with special thanks to dancers:

Susan Prag
Jill Pal
Nancy Williams
Noelle Dyer
Olive Hodgins
Fred Hodgins